Equine Bowen Therapy Training Course Information

UK COURSE DATES with Beth Darrall 2016

Stage I: May 14th/15th/21st/22nd

Workshop I: TBC

Stage II - TBC

Workshop II -  TBC

Stage III - TBC

Please contact Beth directly for details

Places are limited and very popular. - Click here for the full prospectus

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The course's on offer really will be one of the best workshops in the country this year - Sharon is an Anatomist with over eight years of academia behind her. She has written many papers, all of which have been published within the veterinary journals - offering some real ground breaking findings. 
Don't miss out on this unique learning opportunity.
Please take the time to review the attached event poster and feel free to contact me should you have any further questions
Thanks in advance
Lindsay Holder
Smart Bowen UK

A little about Sharon and her work!

If you’re looking for a different set of eyes for equine musculoskeletal pathologies, they don’t come much sharper than those of Sharon May-Davis. Few people have the razor sharp eye she has for a hidden pathology or condition in the horse. She’s held in high esteem by riders in the sporting fields, because as an equine therapist, she has managed elite equine athletes at State, National and Olympic levels in 7 different disciplines throughout Australia. Sharon also  has over eight year in academia and extensive experience in the Australian and Japanese racing industries.

Sharon May-Davis "equine CSI" / "The bone lady"

Sharon engages her students with her down-to-earth approach and wicked sense of humour, yet approaches her work very seriously. She carries us through dissection workshops with stories and anecdotes, while maintaining utmost professionalism, and above all, respecting and honouring the life of the horse who now teaches us from the table. It is the lessons from these horses that allow Sharon and her students to improve the lives of the horses still with us.

Need more proof - check out a few pieces of Sharon's work on arthritis in the elbow- and the You Tube clip: 

Do you know where the nuchal ligament attaches on the cervical vertebrae? You think so? Evidence from the dissection table might prove you wrong –


Many thanks

Lindsay Holder

(Committee member of 
Bowen Therapy Professional Association) 

t: 07703010044


NZ Courses

Equine Bowen Therapy Training Courses in New Zealand with Cath Garden.

For course dates and further details contact Cath at:-

New Zealand
Tel. 021 0236 1099
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NZ 2015 course dates: Contact Cath Garden for new course dates: April/May 2015

North Canterbury, NZ


Bowen Training

There are various options in training in the Bowen Technique in this country.

The European College of Bowen Studies is  recommended for training in the human Bowen Technique. Based in Somerset, the college hold training courses all over the U.K.

Equine Bowen Therapy Training Details

Horses have been a passion for Beth Darrall, for over 50 years  and she has been applying the Bowen Technique to horses for 15 years with great results.  The Equine Bowen Therapy training course has been developed with the help, guidance and support of a British Horse Society Instructor and examiner, and a British veterinary surgeon, who is also a Bowen therapist, acupuncturist, homoeopath and herbalist.

The course focuses on the holistic view point, taking other related topics such as saddle fitting, holistic farriery, anatomy and physiology, static and dynamic conformation, equine dentistry, nutrition, equine behaviour, natural horsemanship, etc. into consideration.

The entry requirements for Equine Bowen Therapy training course are:

1) Candidates must have completed a minimum of six days introductory (human) Bowen training.

(You may commence the EBT training and continue the  human Bowen along side the equine course. However, Certificate of Completion for the EBT course will not be awarded until the human Bowen training  is completed)

EBT trained practitioners are qualified to treat both horse and rider.

(After all, what's the point in balancing the horse, if the rider's pelvis, for example, is out of alignment and throwing the horse off balance?)

2) Candidates must have experience and confidence in handling horses. Previous students range from Bowen therapists who have their own horse(s) - lots of experience but no formal qualifications, to  ones with BHS Stage II/BHS AI qualification or even an equine degree. Whilst it is not a prerequisite to be a horse owner, it is certainly an advantage if you are.

It is not  sufficient to just be an occasional rider at a riding school.

3) First Aid Certificate.

4) Appropriate insurance cover including insurance to treat people and animals.

There are written assignments to complete throughout the period of the course, as well as case studies and practical workshop days. It is strongly advised that students allow sufficient time to complete this section of the course. Course places are kept small to ensure plenty of personal supervision.

The EBT training course is approved and supported by the ECBS and the BTER (Bowen Therapists European Register)

Once qualified in  human Bowen and EBT, practitioners are entitled to enrol with BTER and use the letters MBTER (Equine) after their name. This acknowledges both human and equine Bowen training and allows practitioners to register on a national referral system.

The aim of the EBT training course is to produce professional, knowledgeable practitioners who are able to work along side vets and other equine professionals with credibility and respect within the veterinary, equestrian and complementary fields.

If you are interested in attending the course please read our full prospectus (click here), and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Students Comments On Equine Bowen Therapy Training Courses.


'Beth practised what she preached - always calm, soothing and caring with the horses and it worked. Had lots of fun and learnt new skills, not just Equine Bowen Therapy. I have grown in confidence with unknown horses in just four days. Every question answered, never made to feel foolish. All staff were approachable, friendly and welcoming.'


'I thoroughly enjoyed myself and have learnt a great deal. The lectures were absolutely riveting.'


'I enjoyed every minute, it was fun, stimulating and enlightening. Beth's enthusiasm and passion for Bowen and horses is inspirational. Who could not get motivated with her around!'


'Enjoyed being with super, able and dedicated teachers. The course was super, held in delightful surroundings. I wanted it not to stop. It was a wonderful sharing four days - only a pity it had to end. I can't wait for the next dose!'


"I have been very impressed with your enthusiasm and dedication towards the Bowen Therapy. I enjoyed very much the course, the company was excellent."


"Thank you for such an interesting course. It has opened my eyes to so many things. Now I have been asked to give a talk and demonstration  to two Riding Clubs!"


"A big thank you for all your helpful encouragement and good teachings during the course.  I have very much enjoyed my trips to Cheltenham and value my time spent with horses so much."


"I want to say how much I enjoyed the EBT course, you have put together a great programme. The speakers were terrific and I enjoyed spending time with like minded people. The horses we worked on gave us amazing responses and now horses in my yard are lining up to be case studies!"


"Many thanks for all your help and encouragement throughout the course. I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it and found it has been incredibly useful and informative throughout. I am having some really good results."


"I am very happy with the EBT course and have found it very informative. I have enjoyed the whole approach into equine welfare and the importance of human and equine bonding.

I have found all the tutors very approachable and found them only too willing to pass their knowledge on in a friendly way. I enjoyed the talks on conformation, saddle fitting, dentistry and horse health - all were very good. I have a better understanding of the importance of good foot management from the farrier's talk and demonstration.

I only wish I could have spent the whole week with all the tutors - it was great!

I feel that my human Bowen Therapy has improved since I started the equine course - I'm more relaxed and feel calm and in control."


"I'd like to say thank you for such a great course, everything was well presented and I applaud the way you shared your knowledge and passion for horses so freely - I think we have all been educated in a truly holistic way."


"I am really busy with lots of good successes, I'm very happy with the work. It has opened lots of doors for me and given me so much satisfaction to be able to help people and horses. Beth has really given me a lot of confidence in all my work. Thank you."